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    The advantages of motorized retractable TV mounts include optimal viewing experience, increased free space, and greater flexibility in room decor. Additionally, Digisonic’s motorized retractable TV systems are designed to ensure maximum safety and reliability.

    To choose the motorized TV system that best suits your needs, we recommend considering the TV size, available space, your decorating preferences, and the features of the system (e.g., directionality, lifting capacity, opening mode).
    Digisonic uses high-quality paints and materials to ensure the strength and durability of its products.
    All of Digisonic’s motorized retractable TV systems are CE certified and powered by very low voltage to ensure maximum safety. Additionally, the systems are designed for the installation of additional safety devices, such as anti-pinch sensitive edges.

    Digisonic’s motorized lifters are highly customizable and can be designed to meet the specific needs of customers, such as size, lifting capacity, and opening mode.

    Yes, Digisonic’s motorized lifters can be used to support other types of furniture besides the TV, such as moving kitchen cabinets, displaying decorative objects, or preserving a wine cellar.
    The installation of Digisonic’s motorized retractable TV systems should be carried out by qualified personnel to ensure maximum safety and reliability. Additionally, our team of experts can provide support and guidance during installation.
    Digisonic offers technical support and maintenance for its products to ensure maximum durability and reliability over time.
    Custom design with Digisonic means that our experts can help you create a tailored system for your specific needs, such as size, materials, and opening mode. The custom design process includes an analysis phase of the customer’s needs and preferences, followed by a design and production phase.
    Digisonic’s motorized lifters are recommended in all environments where space is limited or where you want to maximize the use of available space, such as apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Our systems are highly customizable and can be adapted to any style of decor, thanks to the possibility of covering them with designer covers. Additionally, their motorized functionality allows for practical and easy use, especially in environments where agile and flexible space management is required, such as meeting rooms, multimedia classrooms, or stores with interactive displays.