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Easy Series

Easy 150 is the smallest and most efficient next-generation sliding door track currently available on the market, designed and manufactured specifically for the opening of interior doors in a living room, kitchen, office, study, or access to a wardrobe.

The Easy sliding door track is available in two versions: Easy 75 and Easy 150.
The difference lies in the weight capacity of a single door leaf, which can
be up to 75 kg in the first case, while up to 150 kg in the second case.

Sliding door rail easy 150

Minimalist design and durable resistance

Binari porte scorrevoli

Made of anodized aluminum, the Easy 150 sliding door tracks are
very durable over time due to their high resistance to oxidation
and mechanical stress, as well as being extremely lightweight and compact.

Inside the sliding door track, there is the sliding carriage, the magnetic
motor, the power supply, the electro-lock, and the stop buffers. All these
elements fit perfectly within the sliding door system, which, with its
reduced dimensions (64×48 mm), maintains a simple and linear design, applicable anywhere while always respecting the aesthetics and harmony of your interior spaces.

tracks easy 150

Silent Sliding door rail


Unlike traditional rails for sliding doors, Easy 150 does not
have mechanical motors, belts, pulleys, or other elements that cause noise and are bulky.

The roller sliding track slides without any contact, pushed like a feather on a static motor with high propulsive energy.

This is made possible by the use of a low-voltage power supply (24v) connected to a small magnetic motor which, with each electrical impulse, interacts with magnets placed on the sliding carriage allowing its movement.

The innovative magnetic levitation of the Easy 150 sliding door track has made it possible to obtain a product with a compact, resistant, and ultra-silent design, perfectly adaptable to the dimensions of your doors
with a maximum capacity of 150 kg.

sliding door



In Low-Energy mode, the movement reacts to any obstacle in a particularly sensitive and immediate way, ensuring maximum safety. The addition of safety sensors is not strictly necessary, as the use of sliding door tracks in low-energy applications is allowed even without sensors according to DIN 18650 and EN 16005, ANSI, and BSI standards.


Unlike traditional mechanisms for sliding doors, which require manual
configurations, thanks to our Android/iOS APP, it will be possible to
configure and manage all the adjustment parameters of the sliding mechanism with the utmost convenience and simplicity, including the opening and closing speed, the interval of time when the door is open, operating modes, and touch sensitivity.