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Motorized TV ceiling lifts

Ulisse Series

New spaces, new solutions. The motorized ceiling TV brackets of the Ulisse series are designed to house your retractable TV in the ceiling or drop ceiling of your home. A motorized ceiling TV bracket Ulisse, through a tilting movement, opens from the ceiling, positioning your TV at the ideal height, silently and completely motorized.

motorized tv mounts

Design and technology

Una coppia guarda la TV con la staffa motorizzata

Each motorized ceiling TV bracket Ulisse allows you to have the TV retractable in the ceiling, drop ceiling, or any other architectural recess, with the possibility of concealing them inside.

Thanks to the motorized ceiling TV brackets Digisonic, you no longer have to sacrifice walls, equipping them with TV stations. With a motorized TV bracket from the Ulisse series, you can position
the TV in a point of the rooms traditionally unused: the ceiling.

Motorized TV Mounts and Brackets


Sollevatori TV motorizzati

Created for TVs from 32” to 65” and featuring a minimal and linear design, each motorized ceiling TV bracket from the Ulisse line is meticulously designed and drawn to the millimeter with the utmost care, optimizing space occupancy and ensuring maximum efficiency. Each electric ceiling TV bracket Ulisse is equipped for the attachment of the closure panel, so that it aesthetically blends with the ceiling or drop ceiling area, ensuring continuity of the flush-to-wall effect when the
mechanism is closed.

Motorized TV Mounts and Brackets


Braccio porta TV Orientabile

Whether it’s a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a meeting room, a cellar, a loft, the motorized ceiling TV brackets Digisonic will make your environment even more functional without affecting the arrangement of your furnishings.

Hanging the TV from the ceiling and controlling the movement has never been easier: through a small remote control, you can easily manage the opening and closing phase, and if rotation is also provided with the swivel TV bracket Ulisse Rotor, or downward extension with the sliding TV bracket Ulisse Extender.