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The flagship product of the line. A ceiling TV mount with a tilting opening up to 120°, perfect for installation in the living room or dining room.

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Ceiling TV Lift Ulisse

Ulisse is a ceiling TV bracket that allows for the horizontal concealment of a flat-screen television. Its shallow depth (only 12 centimeters) and frame suitable for attachment to the drop ceiling enable installation of your TV almost anywhere on the ceiling.

All Ulisse series ceiling TV brackets are designed to accommodate TVs from 32” up to a maximum of 65”. The downward opening of 110° degrees can be operated via remote control or manual command. Two powerful electric pistons, each with 4500Nm, ensure the flush-to-wall closure of the Ulisse ceiling TV mount.

Model and dimensions available

Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Vesa Available space TV
ULISSE 32 847 617 120 75-100-200 794X493 32”
ULISSE 42 1053 718 120 100-200-300 1000X595 42"
ULISSE 50 1203 783 120 200-300-400 1150X660 50"
ULISSE 55 1303 853 120 200-300-400 1250X730 55”
ULISSE 60 1453 963 120 200-300-400 1400X840 60”
ULISSE 65 1553 1023 120 200-300-400 1500X900 65"


  • Stabilized power supply 110/240V – 50/60 Hz
  • 2-channel remote control

Optional accessories:

  • Anti-collision and anti-cutting sensitive edge


Drawings in DXF


Ulisse might not be the right solution for this case, as it is a ceiling TV mount, but there are other types of wall TV mounts that do not require drilling holes in the wall, such as adhesive TV mounts or those that fit into place.

To attach a TV to the wall, you will need a wall TV mount, screws and anchors suitable for the type of wall, a level, and a drill.

The VESA of the television refers to the dimensions of the mounting hole on the back of the TV and can be checked by reading the manufacturer’s specifications or searching for the TV model online.

VESA 200×200 refers to the size of the hole on the back of the TV
in millimeters, where the numbers 200×200 indicate that the hole is 200 mm wide and 200 mm high. This type of VESA is common for medium-sized TVs.

Ceiling TV in complete safety

The electronic control unit, the heart of the entire system, controls and manages all the functions of the Ulisse ceiling TV mounts, all the safety devices and sensitive edges that can be mounted directly on the frame.

In the event of impact or crushing of the sensitive edge, the Ulisse ceiling TV bracket will immediately stop the movement and reverse it for a few centimeters, allowing the obstacle to be removed.

Ulisse is produced at very low voltage (24Vdc) and is CE certified by the GSD laboratory in Pisa.


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