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Archimede Series

Tv mounts from the Archimede line stem from a new concept of positioning your Tv and devices within your hime environments with style, elegance, and modernity.
Motorized Tv Lifts - Archimede

Style, elegance and technology for the perfect positioning of your Motorized Tv Lifts for your home.

sollevatori tv motorizzati casa

The lift is positioned inside a furniture, cabinets, false walls, or other furnishing elements.
All mechanism in the archimede series perfectly conceal your Tv and all cables neatly.
These can be controlled through home automation, small remote controls or buttons. you can
activate the movement of the TV lifts from the ground, lifting it to the right position for perfect viewing.

Thanks to our experience in the field, over the years, we have increasingly optimized out products with the aim of achieving
the maximum results, ensuring greater performance and reliability through careful component selection.

The mechanism of the Archimede Series are deisgned for the installation of all necessary devices
to ensure maximum personal safety, such as anti-collision on the sensitive edges, piezoelectric, and other types.

These devices intervene by stopping the motion of the mechanism changing its direction to allow for easy removal of
an obstacle or foreign object.

The entire line Of Archimede Series is powered at a very low voltage (24Vdc) and is Ce certified analysis laboratory in Pisa.

A new way to experience entertainment

Motorized Tv lifts

In addition to the elegance and modernity, the motorzed tv lift from the Archimede series add a new dimension of comfort and functionality to your home.

The cutting-edge technology of these mounts allows you to transform any space, creating a personalized and excellent viewing experience. Whether you’re watching your favorite show, a movie, or a football match. Archimede can lift and position your tv exactly where you want it.