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Archimede Colonna

This Archimede model is a vertical sliding motorized TV stand, consisting of a reliable and silent lifting column.

The compact size makes these motorized TV stands the ideal solution for those who do not have large spaces available.

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Vertical sliding TV stand Archimede

The Archimede Telescopic Motorized TV Stands consist of a telescopic column, inside which the motor box is housed, almost invisible due to its small size, and a large worm screw. The column’s movement is controlled by an encoder, a detection device that converts the motion into an electrical signal. This model is suitable for TVs from 32″ to 60″.

Model and dimensions available

Model Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height max (mm) Height min (mm) Run (mm) Max Load Capacity (kg)
ARCHIMEDE COLONNA 1000 286 72 1750 750 1000 65
ARCHIMEDE COLONNA 700 286 72 1300 600 700 65

Optional accessories

  • Stabilized power supply 110/240V – 50/60 Hz

  • Anti-collision and anti-cutting sensitive edge


Disegni in DXF


The Archimede Column can be an optimal solution for hanging the TV without the need to drill the wall. This model is a vertical and motorized sliding TV support, which
allows you to raise and lower the TV reliably and quietly. Considering its small dimensions, it could be installed even in tight spaces without the need to drill the wall. You can customize the telescopic column with a design cover to match your decor style.

When choosing a TV mount, there are some important things to consider. First of all, you should know the dimensions and weight of your TV. The Archimede Column model is suitable for TVs from 32” to 60”. You should also consider the location of the mount and how much space you have available. The mount should be sturdy and secure, and it’s helpful if it offers the possibility to adjust the viewing angle, like the vertical movement offered by the Archimede Column.

Choosing a TV bracket requires considering the TV’s dimensions, weight, desired flexibility of movement, and ease of installation. It’s important that the bracket is compatible with VESA standards, which are a set of universal mounting standards for TVs and monitors. The Archimede Column, for example, is compatible with standard VESA mounting holes and attachments from 100 to 400.

With the Archimede Column, the TV is attached and positioned on the bracket with standard VESA mounting holes and attachments. There’s no need to drill the wall, as the bracket can be installed anywhere due to its small dimensions. Once the mount is installed, the TV can be raised or lowered with a remote control or manual buttons.

Swivel TV Stand Archimede Colonna: robustness and silence for an optimal viewing experience

In case of impact or crushing of the sensitive edge, the bracket will immediately stop the movement and reverse it for a few centimeters, allowing the obstacle to be removed. The screen is fixed and positioned on the bracket with standard VESA mounting holes and attachments from 100 to 400. Standard remote control and provision for manual buttons.

Archimede Colonna is an electric lifting bracket handcrafted in our company and tested one by one with the utmost care.

Belonging to the series of motorized retractable TV brackets and supports of the Archimede series, this telescopic column can be installed anywhere due to its compact size and covered with a design cover, blending in with the style of your furnishings.



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