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The primary model of the line, a small/large lift for all televsions, shelves, and other furnishings,

Archimede is extremely sturdy and reliable, and easy-to-install motorized tv lift.
Inserted inside a piece of furniture, archimede lifts the tv like a snall elevator and lowers it back, hiding within the furniture

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Motorized Tv Lift

Lift TV Motorizzato

Archimede is an extremely robust, reliable and easy-to-install motorized TV lift.
Inserted inside a piece of furniture, Archimede lifts the TV like a small elevator and lowers it back down, hiding it inside the furniture.


A floor-standing Archimede TV mount is made with anticorodal linear guides with a special hard oxidation treatment,
on which sliding shoes run, making it particularly silent. The movement on rack and ball bearings ensures robustness,
as it can carry a load of 100 kg. The TV screen is fixed and positioned on two brackets with standard
VESA 200 – 300 – 400 – 600 holes and attachments.

Model and dimensions available

Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) VESA Available space TV
ARC 90 900 650 165 75-100-200 750x445 32”
ARC 100 1000 730 165 100-200-300 860X520 37”
ARC 110 1100 780 165 200-300-400 970X570 40-43”
ARC 120 1200 860 165 200-300-400 1105X645 48-49”
ARC 130 1300 880 165 200-300-400 1200X650 50"
ARC 140 1400 930 165 200-300-400 1250X720 55"
ARC 150 1500 1020 165 200-300-400 1365X790 60"
ARC 160 1600 1080 165 200-300-400 1455X840 65"
ARC 170 1700 1200 165 300-400-600 1570X930 70"
ARC 180 1800 1220 165 300-400-600 1685x985 75"
ARC 190 1900 1250 165 300-400-600 1760X1020 77"
ARC 200 2000 1330 165 300-400-600 1852X1095 80"
ARC 210 2100 1360 165 300-400-600 1965X1135 88"


  • Stabilized power supply 110/240V – 50/60 Hz
  • Radiocomando 2 canali

Optional accessories:

  • Motorized door opening/closing device capable of retracting inside the furniture before the TV starts to ascend.


Drawings in DXF


The Archimede motorized TV lift is available in various sizes, with a range from 32 to 88 inches. You can choose the model that best suits your needs based on the size of your TV screen

Among the optional accessories available for the Archimede TV mount are the motorized door
opening/closing device, the anti-pinch and anti-cut sensitive edge, and opening/closing buttons.

The Archimede motorized TV lift can support a maximum load of 100 kg,
thanks to its rack and pinion movement and ball bearings that ensure its robustness.

The Archimede TV mount is equipped with safety devices such as anti-pinch and anti-cut sensitive edges, which will immediately stop and reverse the movement in case of impact or crushing, allowing the obstacle to be removed. The electronic control unit, the heart of the system, controls and manages all the functions of the mechanism, including all safety devices.

The Archimede motorized TV mount stands out for its extreme robustness, reliability, and ease of installation.
Additionally, thanks to its motorized technology, it allows the television to be hidden inside the furniture, ensuring a clutter-free viewing experience while maintaining an elegant and modern style. Finally, the Archimede motorized TV mount is CE certified by the GSD laboratory in Pisa, ensuring maximum safety and reliability.


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