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Archimede Laterale

Inserted within a wall, a dividing wall, a wardrobe, a fireplace’s counter-wall, a bookcase, or a wainscotting, with the retractable TV mechanism of the Archimede Laterale series, it will be possible to utilize previously unused spaces.

Unlike previous models in the Archimede line that lift from bottom to top, these motorized retractable TV mounts start their movement horizontally protruding from a wall, with an adjustable rotation orientation of 45°.

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Retractable TV Mechanism

This retractable system is made with stainless steel parts and anticorodal linear guides with a special hard oxidation treatment, on which slide skid shoes that make it particularly silent. The movement on rack and ball bearings ensures robustness, in fact, it can carry a load of 100 kg. The TV screen is fixed and positioned on two brackets with standard VESA mounting holes and attachments of 200 – 300 – 400 – 600.


We produce models based on the size of the TV screen, ranging from 32” up to 65”.


Model and dimensions available

Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Vesa Available space TV
ARC 120 L 1398 770 165 200-300-400 1130X668 48-49"
ARC 130 L 1467 770 165 200-300-400 1200X650 50"
ARC 140 L 1480 850 165 200-300-400 1250X720 55”
ARC 150 L 1603 922 165 200-300-400 1365X790 60”
ARC 160 L 1693 972 165 100-300-400 1455X840 65”


  • Stabilized power supply 110/240V – 50/60 Hz
  • 2-channel remote control

Optional accessories:

  • Motorized door opening/closing device capable of retracting inside the furniture before the TV starts to ascend.
  • Sensitive anti-crush and anti-shearing edge


Disegni in DXF


The Archimede Laterale retractable TV systems support TV screens ranging from 32″ up to 65″.

In addition to the electronic control unit that manages all the functions of the mechanism, sensitive edges can be mounted directly in the furniture and, in case of impact or crushing, they will immediately stop and reverse the motion, allowing the obstacle to be removed.

Yes, the Archimede Laterale can be connected to home automation via clean contacts inside the control unit.

Optional accessories include a motorized opening/closing device for the door, a sensitive anti-crushing and anti-shearing edge, and opening/closing buttons.

TV Stand Archimede Laterale: robustness and silence for an optimal viewing experience.

Archimede Laterale is operated via the provided two-channel remote control, or it can be connected to home automation through clean contacts present inside the control unit. The electronic control unit, the heart of the entire system, monitors and manages all functions of the mechanism, including all safety devices.

The optional provided sensitive edges can be mounted directly into the furniture, and in case of impact or crushing, they will immediately stop and reverse the movement, allowing the obstacle to be removed. All versions of the retractable TV systems in the Archimede Laterale series are handcrafted with care in our company.

Archimede operates at very low voltage (24Vdc) and is CE certified at the GSD laboratory in Pisa.


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