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Wall-mounted Tv bracket

Whether it's within a boiserie or simply fixed to the wall, our motorized Ultimate 1000 bracket will guide the TV to the best viewing point through a 90Ā° book-like opening.

Hidden Tv Lifts

Motorized systems designed to be inserted inside furniture,cabinets, or other furnishing elements that can conceal and move your devices.

Ceiling TV Mounts

The Ulisse motorized systems, besides housing the TV in the ceiling, assist architects, designers, and carpenters in reinventing home environments with expressive freedom.

Swivel TV Mechanisms

With Archimede Rotor and Ulisse Rotor, positioning the TV at the desired height in open spaces is easy and ensures an excellent visual experience.

TV Lifts

Digisonic is a manufacturer of motorized hidden TV lifts,
motorized brackets, and customizable electric mechanisms.

We are a leading company in the field of motorized mechanisms
and hidden TV systems. For years, we have been offering various
hi-tech solutions to support TVs or other furnishing elements,
aiming to enhance your spaces to the fullest.


Customizable motorized lifts

The complete versatility and customization capabilities
of Digisonic motorized lifts allow for placing and
integrating the maximum expression of hi-tech into the
smallest possible space, adapting and blending seamlessly
into the harmony of your spaces.

Our flexibility in designing and creating custom systems
also enables architects, carpenters, and designers to envisionĀ and reinvent home environments with expression and freedom.

Thanks to our TV lifts, you’ll be free to design the layout and furnishings of your spaces without any limitations imposed by the traditional TV setup. By utilizing various motorized hidden TV mounts, you can optimize both the practical and aesthetic needs of your furnishings, without sacrificing the functionality and convenience of your multimedia entertainment setup. This is a strategic advantage for large and prestigious spaces, as well as for smaller ones where space optimization is crucial.

Ideal for architects, carpenter and designers

Ideal for architects, carpenter and designers


Elevate your space
for better living.

Sollevatori TV

Digisonic: Where the luxury design meets the maximum of comfort


The wide range of Tv lifting mechanisms, eletric Tv arms, mini lifters, Tv hatches with tilting and sliding opening, are composed of high-quality painted materials that guarantee solidity and long lasting durability. In the realization of retractable Tv systems, Digisonic uses the sturdiest, most innovative, and effective materials to ensure its customers quality products.

Safety and Security

All motorized retractable Tv systems are CE certified at the analysis laboratory in Pisa, powered at the very low voltage (24Vdc), and equipped for the installation of all necessary devices to ensure maximum personal safety such as anti-collision sensitive edges, piezoelectric, and other types