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The motorized magnetic levitation track EASY 150 can be activated, managing the opening/closing of the door through numerous accessories. Indeed, the choice of opening/closing devices plays a fundamental role both aesthetically and functionally. Buttons, detection radar, touch keypad, key selector, fingerprint reader, etc., are some of the devices compatible with our motorized magnetic levitation tracks EASY 150.


A radar/sensor is a device capable of performing two functions: detection and safety. The detection of a person or a moving object that allows the door to open is managed through microwave technology that detects the passage of people by comparing the internal temperature to the external one.

The detection angle can be reduced or increased thanks to a trimmer inside. Thanks to infrared technology, if a person or a moving object crosses the infrared beam, the system will perform an opposite movement, preventing the person from being accidentally hit by the door.


A completely touch device that allows managing access through numerical codes and/or fingerprints. Thanks to this device, it will be possible to maintain greater protection and security inside your home, in all those environments or rooms that require privacy. In places like hotels or residences, it can be applied to each room with a unique code that allows opening.

Open/lock Buttons

By associating a button for opening the door and one for closing it, with a matched electric lock, traditional key locks to maintain privacy will no longer be necessary. With the addition of an electric lock inserted inside our track, it is ensured that closed doors, even if manually forced, will not open.
The permanent seal electromagnet or electric lock, contains, in addition to a coil, a permanent magnet. This ensures that the ferromagnetic parts are constantly attracted, keeping the door closed. The magnetic field is neutralized by applying current to the coil. The neutralized holding force will release the ferromagnetic disc, unlocking the door.

App smartphone

A smart and effective alternative that allows us to use, through our smartphone, an app developed specifically to manage the opening/closing of the door even remotely. In reality, the strength of this app is being able to manage and adjust all operating parameters, ranging from the opening speed to the dwell time once the door opens. Usually, motorized automatic doors must be manually adjusted by a specialized technician as they are made up of many mechanical components (belts, gears…), unlike a motorized magnetic levitation door opening system like ours