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YYou’ve purchased your new TV but don’t know how to choose a wall TV mount? To add even more value to your devices, we at Digisonic have designed a series of fully motorized TV brackets and mounts that perfectly adapt to any environment.

Before fixing a wall TV mount, make sure the wall is sturdy and can support the weight of the bracket and the TV without any problems. Another very important aspect not to overlook is to avoid exposure to direct sources of light and heat that can disturb our viewing experience and the device itself.

Our motorized Ultimate 1000 wall TV mount is made of galvanized iron, a durable material that guarantees reliability and protection against corrosion over time, and consists of a powerful electric piston powered by very low voltage and controlled by an encoder.

Our TV wall brackets and mounts can also have a front opening with the possibility of rotation both to the right and left by 45° on each side.


If, instead, you want to find other solutions than the classic concept of hanging the TV on the wall, with our motorized retractable lifters from the Archimede series, you can hide your TV inside a piece of furniture. Through a small remote control or via Alexa connection, the TV will be moved upwards, emerging from the furniture in an elegant and silent manner.

In increasingly modern and avant-garde environments consisting of large light spaces like open spaces, our Archimede Rotor system with rotation up to 350° can find the right placement in the middle of a room. Thanks to the possibility of rotation, it will be possible to enjoy your TV from any point in the room.

Innovative solutions for knowing how to choose a TV mount

In addition to choosing the right wall TV mount for your device, there are other factors to consider for optimal viewing. For example, the room’s lighting can affect the image quality, so it’s important to avoid placing the TV in front of direct light sources, such as windows or lamps. Also, the distance between the TV and the viewing point should be appropriate to the screen size to avoid eye strain and ensure comfortable viewing.

As for choosing a wall TV mount, it’s important to evaluate the wall’s strength and the bracket’s weight capacity. In general, wall TV mounts can support from 20 kg to 70 kg depending on the model. Therefore, it’s important to choose a bracket that can support the weight of your TV.

Furthermore, the choice of the wall TV mount may depend on the furniture layout and the room’s size. For example, if the room is small, it might be preferable to choose a wall mount that allows you to rotate the TV to see it from different angles. On the other hand, if the room is very large, you may need to choose a wall TV mount that allows you to adjust the TV’s height for optimal viewing.

Finally, for those who want to hide the TV when not in use, motorized retractable lifts can be an elegant and functional solution. These lifts allow you to hide the TV inside furniture when not in use, saving space and creating a neater environment.

Choosing a wall TV mount or the right TV bracket for your needs is essential to ensure optimal viewing of your TV. Evaluating the wall’s strength, the screen size, the furniture layout, and the room’s lighting are just some of the aspects to consider when choosing the perfect wall TV mount for your home. With our high-quality products, such as the motorized Ultimate 1000 TV mount and the motorized retractable lifts from the Archimede series, you can enjoy your TV to the fullest at all times.