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The innovative Archimede model applied to Eric Stepniewski Luxury furniture

The flexibility of Digisonic mechanisms meets the craftsmanship of Eric Stepniewski in creating custom-made furniture

Eric Stepniewski Luxury is a company specialized in the production of high-quality custom-made furniture. To ensure the best products for their customers, the company turned to Digisonic to integrate their mechanisms into their custom furniture. In particular, the partnership focused on the application of the Archimede model, the TV lift that disappears into a piece of furniture with just one click.

Thanks to the flexibility of Digisonic mechanisms, it was possible to perfectly integrate the Archimede TV lift into Eric Stepniewski Luxury furniture, ensuring space optimization and maximum functionality. The Archimede mechanisms have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, offering an elegant and discreet solution to hide the TV within a piece of furniture.

The partnership between Eric Stepniewski Luxury and Digisonic has led to the creation of custom-made furniture that meets customer needs, offering high-quality solutions with maximum functionality. The combination of Eric Stepniewski’s craftsmanship and Digisonic’s advanced technology has resulted in extraordinary outcomes, with custom-made furniture that perfectly integrates the Archimede TV lift mechanisms.

Ultimately, the partnership between Eric Stepniewski Luxury and Digisonic represents a perfect example of how craftsmanship and technology can collaborate to create innovative and high-quality solutions. Thanks to the flexibility of Digisonic mechanisms and the creativity of Eric Stepniewski, it is possible to create custom-made furniture that meets every need and offers unique and elegant design solutions.

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