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How to Choose a TV Concealment Cabinet

All our products from the Archimede series are designed to be inserted into furniture, cabinets, and shelves. For this reason, the choice of the cabinet that will contain a motorized TV lifter plays a fundamental role, starting from its positioning and internal dimensions.

The first question we should ask ourselves is how many inches is the TV we want to use. This is because, for each TV model (e.g., 42″ – 55″, etc.), there is a corresponding model in the Archimede series, just like a custom-made suit.

Once the TV model and consequently the motorized TV lifter have been defined, we should focus on the cabinet, in particular, we should check the internal capacity so that the motorized system can enter without any problem and without any obstacle hindering its movement.

At this point, it is time to place it in an optimal and strategic position.

With an Archimede lifter, it will be sufficient to position the cabinet in front of our preferred location, commanding the ascent and descent of the mechanism through a small remote control.

If instead, we have decided to purchase an Archimede lifter with rotation up to 360°, we could position it in the middle of a room, so that it can be used and enjoyed from multiple locations in the house!

For those who, due to space constraints, cannot take advantage of the possibility of viewing the TV frontally or using the 360° rotation due to a nearby wall or obstacle, the best solution is Archimede Flag. This model, once the ascent is complete, will rotate 90° to the right or left according to your needs: a strategic product designed to make the most of the available space.

Is it possible to have a TV come out of a wall? Certainly! With Archimede Side, it will be sufficient to position and fix the mechanism with the TV inside a cavity between two walls. Once the TV is out, it will be possible to manage the 45° rotation.