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Easy Invisible

Sliding walls? The most aesthetic and elegant solution from Digisonic that allows the automatic movement of flush-mounted doors, creating a fascinating interplay of moving geometric shapes for a minimal and modern style.

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Easy invisible sliding walls

The magnetic carriage is fixed on the back of the door, with the motor and power supply mounted on the wall, corresponding to the carriage.

This automatic sliding system can be applied to move a flush-mounted door or a sliding partition wall automatically and completely silently, providing access to another room. For privacy reasons or to safeguard belongings, a sliding wall can be the right solution.

Sliding partition walls or room dividers can be placed anywhere, especially to connect two different spaces, thus creating more space and light. The surprising effect of this automation will enhance your spaces with a touch of class and elegance.

Parete scorrevole


Le pareti divisorie scorrevoli per l’abitazione hanno un prezzo medio di 240 euro/mq, senza il telaio incluso.

The cost to install a movable wall depends on the type of work required. For example, a sliding gypsum board wall has an average price of 1,200 euros, while a wooden pocket
wall has an average price of 1,500 euros.

The cost of partition walls also depends on the type of work required. For instance, a mobile partition wall made of masonry and glass has an average price of 1,700 euros, while a mobile wall with a steel and glass ceiling track has an average price of 2,300 euros.


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