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Digisonic has helped transform the entertainment experience onboard a luxurious yacht, eliminating clutter and improving ergonomics with the Archimedes motorized TV lift.

The Archimedes TV lift by Digisonic was chosen to be installed on board a new yacht by the prestigious Maiora company. Thanks to its disappearing functionality within a piece of furniture, the TV will no longer be a hindrance on board, allowing passengers to fully enjoy their journey without compromise.

The choice of the Archimedes TV lift was dictated by its reliability and its sleek, modern design, which perfectly matches the luxury environment of the yacht. The Archimedes TV lift has been designed to ensure easy installation and intuitive use, with just one click to make the TV disappear inside the furniture.

Thanks to the versatility of the Archimedes TV lift, it was possible to perfectly integrate it into the yacht’s decor without compromising style and functionality. The Archimedes TV lift adapts perfectly to different onboard space needs, allowing passengers to enjoy an optimal viewing experience without having to give up anything.

The installation of the Archimedes TV lift on board the yacht was carried out with great care and attention to detail, ensuring an impeccable and high-quality result. Thanks to the collaboration between Digisonic and Maiora, it was possible to realize a highly successful project, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers in the nautical sector.

The Archimedes TV lift by Digisonic is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to fully enjoy their TV without compromises of space and design. Whether it’s a luxury home or a high-level vessel, the Archimedes TV lift is the right choice for those seeking an optimal viewing experience in any environment.