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Contactless PS100

The PS100 Contactless is an international and non-contact microwave sensor. Door opening is triggered by hand or foot movement (if mounted at the bottom) and is mainly used in environments that require no contact for hygiene reasons, such as hospitals, research laboratories, clean rooms, or simply for practical reasons. The PS100 sensor can be integrated into your furnishings, hiding behind a wooden panel or other non-metallic material.

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Technical specifications

Technology Microwave Motion Sensor
Microwave Module 24.125Ghz
Dimensions 85.9 x 85.9 x 20 mm
Detection Range ± 5 ~ 40 cm
Detection Mode Motion (Bi-directional)
Target Speed Min. ± 3 cm/s, Max. ± 1.5 m/s
Power Supply DC 12 ~ 30V, AC 12 ~ 24V
Current Consumption < 1.4W
Output Relay Contact (1A / 24VDC)
Output Hold Time 1.2 sec. (PULSE mode)
Operating Temperature/Humidity -20°C ~ +50°C / 0 ~ 90%
International Protection IP55
Specifiche tecniche


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